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Gildia - deliveries of Special-Purpose Equipment


Gildia Ltd. carries out the projects that consist in providing specialized equipment and software for public administration units. We pay special attention to complete our undertakings to ensure that our services fully meet the expectations of our customers. Our undertakings are completed in cooperation with the best Polish and foreign companies specializing in specific fields. These are the companies that have a long term professional experience and knowledge of specialized solutions. We offer our services for the institutions that have to face the necessity of modernizing their technical infrastructure and whose projects are challenging because they require us to have expert knowledge in various fields.


Equipment service

In the interests of our clients we provide customer service of equipment and softwares delivered by our company. It includes warranty service as well as the service once the warranty expired. All inquires should be sent via email or reported by phone. Contact details are displayed in contact section of our website.



We provide training to qualify staff in instruction and services of devices and products delivered by Gildia. Training includes implementation of the equipment and supervision while operating. Usually training takes place at client's sites.