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Gildia - deliveries of Special-Purpose Equipment

Mobile automatic noise monitoring system, Chief Inspectorate of Environmental Protection

The project, executed for the Chief Inspectorate of Environmental Protection, provides delivery of 21 mobile stations to enable taking mesurements of noise levels of different types: industrial, railway, road and aircraft.

A mobile station consists of an appropriately adjusted motor car, equipped with specialist devices and software for taking field measurements both fixed-site, i.e. taken for a period from a few to several hours and short-term, permitting moving between a few locations. Due to separate feeding, provided by appropriately integrated batteries, the device acts as an independent measurement station adjusted to remote steering.

The key element of the station is a sound level meter, which takes measures and analyses noise in different bands. The device is installed together with a station internal controller in a specially designed box inside the vehicle. The station controller is equipped with a specialist software, which steers work of the whole station; its function is also to ensure collection of the measurement data transmitted from particular devices: the sound level meter, the weather module, and the traffic mesurement system – a radar and a camera.

The controller permits programming of work of the noise monitoring station (the software to steer the station, calling and setting of measurement sessions), permits safe collection of the measurement data as well as enables their transmission to an external device designated to their storage and analysis.

The radar traffic measurement system permits counting and differentiation of vehicles according to their size and speed of movement. It may be applied to measure road traffic on a single section of the road or ensure simultaneous service on 12 traffic lanes in both directions.

The weather module permits collection of information related to wind speed and direction, temperature, air humidity, measurements of the atmospheric pressure and registration of precipitation occurrence.

The camera registering an image in a fixed point, technologically advanced, resistant to atmospheric conditions and permitting taking 25 frames a second, also during multi-day measurements.

Particular devices used for measurements are mounted on a specially designed mast, pneumatically retractable to the height of 10.9 m. The option of mast height adjustment permits taking measurements at different heights, whereas a complete disassembly permits a field collision-free movement of a vehicle in a short time.

The software for basic analyses and presentation of results permits visualisation in user defined time intervals of the measured acoustic and non-acoustic signals, (signals from the meteo station, the radar for testing traffic parameters etc.) as well as audio and video signals, permitting time synchronisation of all the signals. Functionality of the developed software permits preparaton of immediate raports on the measurements taken in reference to the whole study or its particular componenets, i.e. an image or sound as well as with the specification of particular measurements with a break-up into time units, traffic intensity, noise levels and weather conditions.

The specialist software for development of acoustic maps jointly with an aircraft noise module permits development of acoustic maps, calculations for industrial, road, aircraft and railway noise, development of acoustic maps simultaneously for all abovementioned types of noise while using common models of the territory, and it aims at a display of the field measurements taken and their presentation in different forms according to particular areas, localisation points or all the area subject to measurements.


The system of mobile noise monitoring is in accordance with the binding regulations:

- Directive 2002/49/EC dated. 25.06.2002r. of European Parliament and the Council of the European Union relating to the assessment and management of environmental noise

- Regulation of the Minister of Environment of 14 June 2007 on the permissible noise levels in the environment

- Regulation of the Minister of Environment of 02.10.2007r. on requirements for conducting measurements of the levels in the environment of substances or energy by road, railway, tramway line, airport, port

- Quality Management System ISO 9001

- PN-ISO 17025