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Gildia - deliveries of Special-Purpose Equipment

Simulator ATC and FAC, Polish Air Force Academy in Deblin

In term 2007-2009 Gildia Ltd. delivered to Polish Air Force Academy in Deblin air traffic control simulator equipped with unique module of built-in airborne warning, navigator and guidance system as well as simulator of F16 fighter pilot. This configuration of complete simulator allows to train airport tower controller personnel along with performance of simulated tasks of combat pilots and navigators which include controlled start of a fighter pilot, pilot’s and FAC navigators’ performance and controlled return to the airport.

Interfaces of delivered simulators are user-friendly, they easily allow to create training scenarios and add new airports, aircrafts as well as building new infrastructure. The software of simulators includes civil aircrafts among with additionally added tens of military aircraft, mechanical vehicles, different airports and simulation of airport fire danger, aircraft fires and crashes. Implemented software reflects real weather conditions such as fog, snow, rain with their intensity, which are easily changeable during trainings.

Delivered simulator has been provided with suitable certificate which enables to train new personnel as well as to improve skills of the air traffic control crew.