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Gildia - deliveries of Special-Purpose Equipment

Fire resistance test furnaces, Building Research Institute

In 2010 Gildia Ltd. signed an agreement with Building Research Institute for delivery of four fire resistance test furnaces which can be described as “to design and build”. The objects of contract include unique size test furnaces, Test & Measurement and Automation devices, mobile hoods, devices for sample measurement, transport and observation equipment and models, calibration equipment along with calibration development of measurements according to norms and accepted by Polish Centre of Accreditation. Projects also includes construction work with design of foundations and placement of exhaust pipes under the floor. Delivered furnaces are powered by natural gas and the total capacity is over 38 MW. The furnaces can be operated manually or automatically.

The furnaces as well as delivered equipment are used to carry out many tests which comply with different norms and standards. They are fully monitored in case of furnace operating parameters, samples measurement and visual observation inside and outside of test chambers.

Two out of four test stations started operating in third quarter of 2011. Soon after that laboratory of Building Research Institute received accreditation of Polish Centre of Accreditation for carrying out tests on delivered furnaces. Other two stations will start operating this year.