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iPad Application Tenders book

Stay up to date with thousands of public tenders from all European countries!
With our iPad app you can choose and download the tenders you are interested in - criteria are the countries and business sectors (managed from the criteria panel).

Other features of iPad application:
1. Main view, where you can see all downloaded tenders
- you can sort the view by tapping the headers of the main table
- press and hold interesting row to see the description of Type attribute
- tap interesting row to pass to the detailed view
2. Detailed view, where you can see all data of the tender available in your language
- tap the star icon to add this tender to the favourites panel
- tap the letter icon to send the detailed description of the tender by mail
- tap the flag icon to change the language of the tender
3. Favourite view, for the most interesting tenders - tenders which are here could not be deleted from settings panel, you can delete them by swype the finger from left to right
4. Search panel, where you can look for a numerous of attributes and search through all downloaded tenders; results of the search are displayed in the search view
5. Setting panel, where you can choose the language of the app and delete old or outdated notices
6. Info panel, where you can find informations and contact to the owner and to the creators of this app
7. Sync button - check if there are new tenders to download

All data are taken from via RSS.
The RSS database is updated and reloaded on each business day, so to be up to date you should do at least one sync a day.
AppliCool Sp. z o.o. and Gildia Sp. z o.o. do not take responsibility for the content of the tenders.