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Gildia - deliveries of Special-Purpose Equipment

First Level Facility Security Clearance

In October 2012 Gildia Ltd. obtained First Level Facility Security Clearance issued by The Internal Security Agency. The document confirms Company’s ability to protect classified information, access to which has been limited under the Act of Protection of Classified Information. Obtaining First Level Facility Security Clearance will allow to extend Company’s scope of activities. This will also enable Gildia to provide services of better quality designated for institutions with specific range of activities which are required to cooperate with certified establishments. The certificate also improves cooperation with security services in case of carrying out other contracts.

Having confirmed the ability of classified information protection will allow to complete contracts which include processing of classified information or require access to classified data. It should be noted that the document is of unique character and every year only a few companies in Poland obtain First Level Facility Security Clearance.

This document is of international meaning, recognized throughout the world on the basis of bilateral agreements (equivalent documents are: Sicherheitsbescheid für Einrichtungen, Autorisation de sécurité de l'établissement, Habilitación de Seguridad del Establecimiento, Abilitazione di Sicurezza di Persone Giuridiche, Certificação de Segurança Indústrial).