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Gildia - deliveries of Special-Purpose Equipment

Deliveries of Special-Purpose Equipment

Gildia is a small company engaged in large undertakings, subject of which are deliveries of special purpose equipment on the Polish procurement market. The Company has been operating since 1995, adjusting the scope of offered equipment and services to changeable needs of public administration authorities, which are the results of changes in national and international law, political conditions, different needs of various fields of public administration services. Gildia smoothly cooperates with technological component suppliers – providers of software, electronics, special services, machinery and equipment, creating comprehensive service consisting of delivery, implementation and training.

Facing rapid market changes and public administration needs Gildia is able to complete projects and deliveries in compliance with client’s regulations and technical requirements. The ability of quick adjustment to requirements of ordering authorities allows the Company to offer the most advantageous solution.

Gildia operates in various fields of public administration and offers comprehensive services. Despite different technical and environmental needs, which are typical for varied range of activities of public administration, some of their requirements and expectations remain unchanged. To fulfill other the Company is able to adapt to client’s expectations relying on the knowledge and experience of its employees, cooperating partners and professional suppliers in specific field and particular order. Wide range of the market and flexibility of offered solutions guarantee efficiency and ensure clients with their best choice.