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Gildia - deliveries of Special-Purpose Equipment

We adapt products available in the market
to clients' specific needs

Gildia Ltd. was established in 1995. At the beginning it dealt with comprehensive services of designing and fitting out food serving establishments. First location of Gildia was at 2, Zlota Street in Lublin. Since 2000 it has extended its activities, by spotting market needs, especially after Poland’s joining the European Union. As the company developed it was necessary to change its location and Gildia moved to new office at 26, Rudnicka Street where it operated until 2008. From that year on Company’s location is at 15B, Dworska Street. Currently key activities of Gildia include running comprehensive technical and consulting projects mainly related to electronics, electro-mechanics and computer science.

In the past we have completed hundreds of projects which have consisted of providing specialist equipment and software for public administration units. The purpose of these undertakings was to improve the level of service directed to society by upgrading infrastructure of public administration units.

We provide our services mainly in:
trading market,



applying modern technology solutions.