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Gildia - deliveries of Special-Purpose Equipment

Profit and loss account of 2011 (PLN)


A Net revenues from sales and equivalent 14.510.870,82
B Operating expenses 12.806.892,58
C Profit (loss) on sales 1.703.978,24
D Other operating revenues 58.834,88
E Other operating expenses 166.374,99
F Profit (loss) on operating activities 1.596.438,13
G Financial revenues 11.437,55
H Financial expenses 1.280.877,15
I Profit (loss) on business activities 326.998,53
J Results on extraordinary events /
K Gross profit (loss) 326.998,53
L Income tax 55.920,00
M Other statutory reductions in profit (increases in loss) /
N Net profit (loss) 271.078,53